Waverly Woods was born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA. where her family still lives. She is a mother, a former small business owner of 20 years, and solid conservative. She became an activist when Barack Obama became president. She joined the Republican Party and many
conservative groups looking for a way to restore our Republic with no prevail until Waverly found the TEA Party.

She has been a TEA Party leader with the Hampton Roads TEA Party, Vice Chair, and Events Chair with the Virginia TEA Party Patriots Federation. She has also been a Heritage Action Sentinel. Waverly has attended many conferences and training’s with Heritage Action, Leadership Institute, and Campaign for Liberty. She is also the founder of Virginia Freedom Caucus.

Waverly will discuss “Think Local Win Bigger”, a topic caucused by Virginia TP groups. She will share through this simple strategy how to best group organize, fundraise, and recruit interns. She will also be open to answer any questions from our group.

Join me February 28th when Waverly will conclude the discussion on “Think Local Win Bigger”!

Mechanicsville Branch Library
7461 Sherwood Crossing Place
Mechanicsville, Virginia 23111