Director of Planning Hanover County David Maloney will be joining the Mechanicsville TEA Party on April 25th. He will be discussing Hanover’s Comprehensive Plan.

“The Comprehensive Plan Hanover County, VA 2012-2032 is a long-term guide for growth and development within the county. The plan outlines goals, objectives, and projections of the county’s needs for the next 20-year horizon. The plan is developed by analyzing past growth and land development trends to determine future needs.

The county first adopted a comprehensive plan in 1972. As required by the Code of Virginia, comprehensive plans must be reviewed and updated periodically by the local planning commission. The commission recommends the draft comprehensive plan to the governing body, which votes to adopt the final plan. The county first amended its plan in 1982, and has since updated the plan every five years. The most recent update began in 2012 and was adopted by the Board of Supervisors on September 11, 2013.

Between five-year reviews citizens may apply for changes or amendments to the comprehensive plan.”

Link to Comprehensive Plan:

Mechanicsville Branch Library
7461 Sherwood Crossing Place
Mechanicsville, Virginia 23111