An honors graduate of the University of Virginia and the U.Va. Law School, Rob Bell served as a state prosecutor for five years. He prosecuted over 2,400 cases, working with the police and crime victims to bring criminals to justice.

Since his election as a Republican to the Virginia General Assembly, Rob has written laws that crack down on drunk driving and keep sex offenders off school property. In 2008, he helped overhaul Virginia’s mental health commitment laws after the tragedy at Virginia Tech, and in 2011 he patroned the new law to expand Virginia’s protective orders.

Rob has also fought to protect Constitutional rights of Virginia citizens. Rob was the co-author of the Constitutional Amendment to place property rights protections in the Virginia Constitution and to stamp out eminent domain abuses. When it reached the voters, this Amendment passed  with over 74% of the vote. Rob also co-patroned House Bill 10, which opposed President Obama’s health care law and helped form Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s legal challenge against it.

An Eagle Scout, Rob was an active volunteer with the Boy Scouts and with the public schools prior to his election in 2001. Rob and his wife Jessica have two children, Robbie and Evie. The Bells live in Albemarle County.



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