Our next meeting will be on August 14th at Ashcake Volunteer Rescue Squad. Beginning in September we will move back to our old meeting place on Bell Creek Road in Mechanicsville. We will hold the meetings on the second and fourth Thursday of each month.   Ashcake Volunteer Rescue Squad 8375 New Ashcake Rd. Mechanicsville, [...]

Jim Hill Departs MTP(0)

Mechanicsville TEA Party announces the departure of Jim Hill, President of MTP. We thank him for his valuable service and wish him the best.

Next Meeting June 18: What Are Our Priorities?(2)

What do YOU think our Tea Party and other Tea Parties in this state should focus on? Come and bring your ideas. We will bring our top 5 priorities to the Tea Party Patriot Federation. We will also discuss an opportunity to get training from Chris Doss, the brains behind the Dave Brat victory (he [...]

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